Wayne Static recently called in to the Rock 108 studios ahead of his April 26 show in Abilene, Texas. He discussed the anniversary of Static-X's iconic album 'Wisconsin Death Trip,' the state of his relationship with former bassist Tony Campos, and more. He even gave up his secret to how he gets his iconic hair to stand up like it does.

The interview is a little lengthy, so we've broken it down into three segments. In the first part, Wayne talks in depth about the anniversary of the classic Static-X album 'Wisconsin Death Trip' and what it means to play the older material:

I'm having a great time just playing the old stuff, and it feels good and feels fresh, and it's exciting to me.

Listen to the first part of the interview:

In the second segment, Wayne discusses the state of his relationship with former Static-X bassist Tony Campos:

I don't see anything happening with him in the near future. For some reason, he has a lot of problems with me. I've even offered him money to use the Static-X name, but he declined it.

Part 2:

In the third and final segment, Wayne discussed collaborating with DMC, and he let out the secret behind his hair:

First you got to dye it black with Clairol #124 blue/black,

'cause you have to have blue in it to be true goth. Then just hair spray and a blow dryer, dude.

Part 3:

Wayne Static will be on the road through June 21 performing the album 'Wisconsin Death Trip' in its entirety, as well as some of his solo stuff. Keep up with him on Facebook or on his official website.