Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul called in to the Rock 108 studios and spoke with us about their new album, 'Blood for Blood,' their lineup change, and the state of the Dallas Cowboys. Below are a few highlights, plus audio of the full interview.

Recently Hellyeah had a bit of a lineup change when guitarist Greg Tribbett and bassist Bob Zilla left the band. Vinnie talked about filling the bassist spot with Bloodsimple's Kyle Sanders:

Kyle was the only guy that came to mind, ya know? We didn't want to go through an audition process and try to get to know somebody new.

On the creative process of recording the new album 'Blood for Blood':

I just think it's the most focused record we've ever made. I really feel like we got really deep into the songwriting and the production side of it.

When asked about his involvement in Pantera's 'Cowboys From Hell Cover Competition,' Vinnie was apparently in the dark about it:

Man, I can tell you that I have absolutely zero involvement in it. That's the first I've ever heard of it.

A huge Dallas Cowboys fan, Vinnie shared his thoughts on the team's recent moves:

I think Jerry [Jones, the owner] ought to know from the 8-8 record that we have every year, that he's just a mediocre G.M. and he needs to get out of the way.

Hellyeah's new album, 'Blood for Blood,' drops on June 10. They'll be playing live in Abilene, Texas, on April 5 at the Lucky Mule. Check out the rest of the interview below:

Interview With Hellyeah's Vinnie Paul