If  you have ever questioned the freakishness of Jane's addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro, don't ever do make that mistake again.  Watch as he get's suspended in the air on flesh hooks.

First of all, I'll start out by saying that if you are a little squeamish, you have been warned.  If you're cool with it, then keep on reading.

After searching for people to do some pretty freaky things to join them on their 'Theatre of the Escapists' tour, Dave decided he would also do something pretty wicked himself.  Video of him getting rigged up on some hooks for a suspension has come out.  Check it out.

Dave Navarro Gets Suspended in Air By Hooks

Pretty cool, right? I mean I would never do something like that...ever. But, I've seen others do it plenty of times and here in Abilene and it's like seeing a car wreck. You know that it's a bad scene and may cause your stomach to get a little upset, but you can't turn away.

Have you, or someone you know, ever been suspended or thought about doing it?