When an emergency situation hits, sometimes it can be difficult for people to react quickly, especially if its a life or death situation involving one of your children. That's when emergency responders can jump into action and use their emergency training to save a life.

The quick actions of one New Mexico State Police officer helped save the life of a young infant earlier this month in New Mexico. On February 2nd, an emergency call came into the emergency dispatch of a choking infant just outside of Espanola, New Mexico. New Mexico State Police officer Mario Herrera rushed down the road to find the parents' vehicle. He was able to get the parents to pull over and ran to help the father who was holding the 11-month-old child. According to the New Mexico State Police's Facebook post, Officer Herrera was able to clear baby Elikai's airway and held the child until the paramedics arrived on the scene. The grateful parents went to the New Mexico State Police headquarters to thank Officer Herrera for saving their baby's life. The department posted the photos in the video.

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