If you listen to the Morning Show, then, you may already know about my TikTok addiction. I'm constantly asking the rest of the morning show, really anyone in the office, to do TikTok videos with me, to which I usually get an eyeroll and a resounding "no". I've gotten them to agree to do a few TikTok videos with me, like the "Full House" parody where I introduce TikTok to the Morning Show crew! (Follow me on TikTok)!

I've also gotten Buzz to do an "I Dream of Jeannie" video. (The video is a bit weird, I was still new to TikTok!)

But when I came across this TikTok challenge I knew I had to get the guys in on it. The Challenge is designed for girls to play in front of their boyfriends or guy friends, the song used starts with Doris Day's "Oops" and then quickly turns into a completely different song. Apparently, if your boyfriend smiles, he knows exactly where it's from. I tried it on Buzz, Brandon and Nico, completely sure that they would at least smirk, but as the song played, nothing.

In the end, I had to explain it to them and they were shocked. Do you know where the song is from? Also, anyone wanna do TikTok's with me?!


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