You don’t know Deb and Gina D yet, but you soon will when their show Mama Drama debuts in early January on VH1.

Mama Drama‘ is the brainchild of SallyAnn Salsano and 495 Productions. If Sally’s name sounds familiar, it is because she is responsible for making smushing, GTL and blowouts cool via ‘The Jersey Shore.’ ‘Mama Drama’ places five mothers and their daughters in a house together to see if their ‘best friends’ status can withstand the hot lights of reality TV.

Before the hairspray hits the fan, we got to share coffee and whipped cream shots with this mother-daughter duo to discuss some questions guys might have about dealing with their significant other, and her mother.

GuySpeed: If a guy goes into a bar and sees his girlfriend’s mom in the bar, should he turn around and leave? Or should he stay and buy her a shot?

Deb D: I think that of course, that guy SHOULD come over and buy a round of drinks or shots!! After all he’s dating my daughter and obviously has been over to my house and knows how fun and funny I am. Also, he should have embraced the fact my daughter and I have an awesome, close relationship. Any jerk that sees me out and ditches isn’t good enough for my daughter!

Gina D: If a guy sees his girlfriend’s mom and immediately leaves the bar hoping she didn’t see him it can only mean: A) there’s some shady business going on, or B) it’s at a strip club! Anytime a guy runs into his girl’s mother, whether it is in a bar or a supermarket, he MUST say hello to her. Whether the guy wants to buy her a shot or opt for a friendly kiss on the cheek, hello… its just common courtesy!

GuySpeed: Do you think a guy should spend the Holidays with his family – or his girlfriend’s family?

Deb D: I firmly believe that a guy should make time to spend the Holidays with his girlfriend’s family as well as his own. Make a game plan so that you can fit in dinner at one place and dessert at another. You can alternate years thereafter, IF you’re still dating.

Gina D: Family party hopping during a holiday is a drag but unless your girl’s family lives out of state you’re rarely going to get to spend a full holiday with your own family. Both the guy and girl should agree to spend equal time at each other’s families homes, and don’t feel bad ditching before dessert… both families will understand!

GuySpeed: Deb – what do you look for in a boyfriend for Gina?

Deb D: What I look for in a guy for my daughter is good looks (after all she MAY have kids with him one day and I’d hate to have ugly grandkids!). I also look for a man who is successful, honest, motivated, reliable, trust worthy, affectionate, loving and treats her like she’s the most beautiful women in the world everyday of her life.

GuySpeed: Gina – what do you look for in a boyfriend for your mom?

Gina D: I want my mom to be in a relationship with a man that will be there for her no matter what. He needs to be respectful, down to earth, have a sense of humor and know how to make fun of himself! I CAN’T STAND jealous men, so I wouldn’t want my mom to be with someone that is insecure! My mom is beautiful inside and out and she has a BIG personality to go along with her BIG hair. That generates a lot of attention, and not a lot of men can handle that!

GuySpeed: If a guy is sleeping over at his girlfriend’s house, is it a bad idea for him to ask to sleep in the daughter’s bed? Or should he just hit the couch and like it?

Deb D: Depending on the age of your daughter I definitely think there should be a discussion between you and she regarding any boyfriend’s sleeping arrangements. As per age it should be very clear what you allow in your home and Gina and I have an understanding that it’s no problem for a long-term boyfriend to stay overnight in her room. Keep in mind that Gina is 24! I would definitely NEVER encourage ANY guy to ask their girlfriend’s mom to sleep in her daughter’s bedroom. Unless you’re looked upon as part of the family, GET ON THAT COUCH!

Gina D: YES, IT’S A BAD IDEA TO ASK! A guy should NEVER ask the parents to sleep in the daughter’s bed!! That only sets him up for awkwardness. Word of advice, don’t ask Dad permission for ANYTHING unless its for his daughter’s hand in marriage. I think the guy should ask his girlfriend what the sleeping situation would be when he stays over. If she is unsure if her bed is appropriate, then she can bring it up to her parents and feel them out. Doing it this way will avoid any awkwardness, and let your girlfriend know that you respectful her parents.

For additional advice, reach out to Deb D and Gina D on Twitter. Be sure to catch Mama Drama when it debuts on VH1 on New Year’s Day.