I hit the internet for the best tips possible for cooking a Thanksgiving turkey and I have to say my turkey comes out beautifully every time. So here are the tips I use and hopefully you will find them just as helpful.

Here are just a few basics to get a nice, crisp, golden brown turkey this Thanksgiving.

  • If you want a crispy skin, leave the turkey uncovered in your fridge the night before you cook it.
  • If you don't want to brine the turkey, just simply use a dry rub of kosher salt, pepper, garlic and herbs of your choice. Brush with a coat of olive oil or butter.
  • A turkey will cook better and more evenly if you don't stuff it. Make your dressing as a separate side dish. My grandmothers always did this, they never stuffed their turkeys, so this is just a tradition for my family.
  • Don't keep opening the oven to check on the bird; just let it cook. Cook at no lower than 325 degrees and the internal temp of the turkey should be 165 degrees!
  • Let the bird rest for about 30 minutes before you cut into it. This will make it nice and juicy.

Hope this helps and good luck to everyone! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

For more tips and information check out the USDA's 'Let's Talk Turkey' Consumer Guidelines for Safety.

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