We're back with another round of The Weekend Buzz and we're bringing in the weekend the only way we know how...with adult beverages. This time around, we'll sample the refreshing margarita flavors of Cayman Jack.

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Last week, we sampled Ghost Energy drinks. These bad boys were packed with rich flavors and energy to keep you going through the whole day. We also hung out with the Hall of Famer, Rudy "Fearless" Fernandez, and sipped some leftover Belt Buckle Distillery Butterfield Bourbon. Good times were definitely had.

Cayman Jack

Photo: Chaz
Photo: Chaz

This week we're back with some more booze with Cayman Jack. Now, we couldn't decide on which flavors we wanted to sample so we'll be throwing down a variety pack with Margarita, Mango Margarita, Watermelon Margarita, and Strawberry Margarita. We'll sip on these margaritas and try to come up with the meaning of life.

So, kick back with us starting at 3 pm as we sample these tasty brews, let you know what's buzzing in Abilene, and bring in the weekend the only way we know how...with booze.

Don't forget you can always listen on the <a href="https://keyj.com/listen-live/popup/" target="_blank">free Rock 108 app</a> if you're on the go. Also, take a look at some of the brews, spirits, seltzers, and more in the gallery below.

The Weekend Buzz is a pre-recorded show that airs 3-7 on Rock 108 brought to you by our buddies over at Ben E. Keith Beverages, who along with Townsquare Media remind you to enjoy responsibly.

The Weekend Buzz - Hall of Beers

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