With the heat about to be cranked up in Texas, we thought it would be the perfect time to unleash the new Busch Light Peach beer on the next round of The Weekend Buzz.

If you haven't tuned in to The Weekend Buzz before, basically we sample spirits, brews, seltzers, and more, then tell you about them using our Jedi mind trick skills. Ok, so we don't have Jedi mind trick skills, but we know a thing or two about beer.

Don't forget to check out the Booze Vault below featuring all the products we have sampled.

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Busch Light Peach

Busch Light Peach
Photo: Chaz

Busch Light Peach is a refreshing peach-flavored lager that hits your tongue with some sweetness before finishing off with a crisp clean beer taste. Brewed in the USA, it comes in at about 4.1% ABV with 138 calories.

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We'll crack these peachy brews open, tell you how they taste, let you know what's buzzin' in Abilene, and bring in the weekend the only way we know how...with beer.

The Weekend Buzz is a pre-recorded show that airs every Friday from 3-7 on Rock 108 brought to you by our buddies over at Ben E. Keith Beverages, who along with Townsquare Media remind you to enjoy responsibly.

Check out some of the brews and spirits we have tried in the past on The Weekend Buzz.

The Weekend Buzz - Booze Vault

Gallery Credit: Chaz

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