What can I say that hasn't already been said about The Ride for Change? Oh, I've got plenty. As we wrap up the third day on the road, all I can think is how incredibly humbled I am with this event.

Amarillo to Lawton was about 3-4 hours, so the massive amount of Gatorade took its toll and I finally had to make a pitstop in Altus, Oklahoma. I'm glad I did. That's where I got to meet a young lady named Dorothy Gaines. As I sat outside her store, taking a break, she came outside to chat for a spell.

That's when we talked about The Ride for Change.

I spoke, briefly, about my new friend Tremaine Brown and his passion for doing good deeds without expectations of return blessings. She immediately chimed in and said "that's what my grandmother instilled in me and that's exactly what I try to teach my children".

I knew she was legit as her face lit up like a starry night sky as she spoke about her passion for her children and grandmother. We talked for a bit, but then I had to get back on the road to my next stop. Later we spoke on Facebook about how great it was to meet each other.

That's when it really hit me. The Ride for Change is as much about the lives of those you meet as it is the money we raise for our scholarships.

We spend so much time talking, but it's when you truly get to listen that you learn about how abundance of love our fellow man truly possesses.

What a humbling experience.

Well, day 3 officially started out in Lawton, Oklahoma at Diamondback Harley-Davidson, with my friends Critter and Kelso from Z94. Lawton holds a near and dear place in my heart as I went through basic training at Fort Sill.

Being a 2-in-1 day, I didn't get to spend but a few hours with the Z94 and Diamondback Harley crews before heading down the road to Wichita Falls. I will tell you, though, if you're ever in Lawton, make sure you stop by Diamondback. Holy cow, theirs is one of the nicest Harley shops in the nation. It's massive.

If you can swing by soon, you just might be able to get a limited edition custom The Ride for Change poker chip.

Following my short stint in Lawton, it was time to ride down the road to Wichita Falls to hang with Johnny Thrash and the Buzz Crew at Red River Harley-Davidson. Again, another incredibly impressive Harley dealership that should be on any riders list of stops.

As soon as I walked in, I saw a wall of custom-made banners for The Ride for Change. What made these banners special was that Bobbie, from Red River Harley-Davidson, had taken these banners down to various local schools to have the students decorate them.

Did I mention how humbling this ride has been?

It was truly a breathtaking sight and one that I'll cherish for the rest of my life.

Mason Brighton, from KAUZ news, showed up to show a little love and ended up staying a while covering the entire event. I can't thank him enough for the exposure, but it was Bobbie, once again, that stole the show. Mason was interviewing her about their (Red River Harley-Davidson) part in the ride and the passion that flowed from her heart as she spoke about the importance of this event was mind-blowing.

Another surprise was that I got to see a dear old friend, Melissa, whom I hadn't seen in a long time, as she came out to show her support for The Ride for Change.

Wow, what an incredible day spent with great friends and beautiful motorcycles.

One final stop before heading back to the hotel and that was to McBride's Steakhouse. If you eat at any place in Wichita Falls, it has to be McBrides.

The friends that I've made and the stories we've shared, all day, has echoed a lesson learned back in Boy Scouts. We were always taught to leave our campsite better than we found it and that's exactly how we should treat the next generation. It's not too late, we can still leave our children with a better world than what we currently have.

Just take a moment each day to spread the love and give the next person you see an ear. You never know the impact that conversation will have on your life.

As of this moment, we have ridden over 500 miles and have raised over $1,600, which 100% will go towards the scholarships we're establishing in each community we visit.

Day 4 of The Ride for Change takes us to Texarkana and if you get a chance, please take a moment to make a small donation to our GoFundMe page, so we can continue to grow these scholarships. The next person you help, just may be the next person that helps you.

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Please keep checking this page as we'll add more photos as well as the story Mason Brighton, from News Channel 6, produced about The Ride for Change.

To all I met today, thank you...from the bottom of my heart!





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