Warmer weather is here so we're sure to see more bikes on the road.

So, please be aware of that fact and keep an eye out for those on two wheels. Look Twice, Save a Life.

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Yeah, I'm primarily talking about motorcycles but it's a good idea to be aware of everything on 2 wheels. Bikes are smaller vehicles, thus they're harder to see at times.

Too many riders are being hit (and killed) each year by motorists not watching out for motorcycles.

However, it's not always the driver's fault, the motorcycle riders need to be responsible as well. So yeah, it's a two-way street, but a street that we both have to share.

With all the distractions we have nowadays, from phones to signs to passengers and more, now is the time we all need to be more aware while behind the wheel...or handlebars.

According to the law firm Calhoun, Meredith, and Sims

one motorcycle rider dies every day on Texas roads on average. In 2019, 412 motorcyclists died in Texas, and severe injury victims were above 1,800. The agency notes that the six-month period from May to October is the deadliest for bikers in the state.

I can't stress this enough, pay attention to the road and look twice, save a life.

OK, if all that (above) didn't register, then let me tell you this...I ride a motorcycle quite frequently. The next life that's lost could be mine.

If you're interested in riding motorcycles, try taking a motorcycle safety course first. It's a great way to learn the bike and determine if it's something you want to pursue long-term. It'll also make you more aware when you're behind the steering wheel.

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