Your morning cup of coffee can directly help veterans in the Abilene area when you visit Big Country Coffee (either location) this Wednesday, May 25th.

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It's pretty simple, actually.

On Wednesday, stop by either location of Big Country Coffee and mention ROCK 108 when placing your order and you'll get an instant 10.8% discount. Not only that, but Big Country Coffee is donating the gross proceeds from all sales, that had the discount applied, to The Ride for Change and the local veteran's organizations we assist.

You'll get an instant discount on whatever caffeine creation you drink that morning AND the money you pay for that cup will help local veterans.

However, you MUST mention Rock 108 when ordering. That way Big Country Coffee knows who's helping our veterans and who isn't.

Easy, peasy.

Big Country Coffee is located at:

  • 5001 Buffalo Gap Road
  • 802 S Treadaway

As a matter of fact, Chaz and I will be broadcasting The Morning After from the Buffalo Gap Road location, 6 am until 9 am, on Wednesday the 25th.

So, stop in and say hi while you're there.

While you're at Big Country Coffee, try their new drink (which will be launched on the 25th) called Day Breaks.

Big Country Coffee offers a military discount all day, every day, and serves all uniformed first responders for free - all day, every day.

Talk about a veteran-owned business taking care of veterans. That's incredible.

If you'd like to donate to The Ride for Change, simply text VETERANS to 324468.


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