The Dallas Cowboys went into the game as the underdogs against the Los Angeles Rams. But, after the Cowboys beat the Super Bowl champs 22-10, the underdogs celebrated while Twitter blew up with some awesome tweets.

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The Cowboys lost their first game of the season against the Tamp Bay Buccaneers. They also lost starting quarterback, Dak Prescott in the process. But since then, backup QB, Cooper Rush, has stepped in to not only take the Cowboys to 4-1 but also become the first Dallas quarterback in history to start his career 5-0.

Now granted, it wasn't a pretty win for the Cowboys with the exception of our smothering league-leading defense. Rush only threw the ball 16 times, connecting on 10 of them for only 102 yards. Definitely not elite numbers. But he managed the game well and let the defense do the majority of the work.

Regardless, it was a great win for the Cowboys, who are now one game behind the Philadelphia Eagles for first place in the NFC East.

Naturally, after the game, Twitter erupted with some tweets that were both hilarious, and right on the money.

Twitter reacts to Cowboys win over the Rams

That last tweet is one of my favorites. To see the look on Stephen A. Smith's face after the boys beat the Rams would have been priceless. I'm just saying.

While I am a realist and know that the Rams were down some players and they are not the same team that hoisted the Lombardi Trophy over their heads last season, it still was a great win for our team.

Want to relive some of the game? Check out some of the best images of the Dallas Cowboys' win over the Los Angeles Rams. 

Best Images of Dallas Cowboys Beating Los Angeles Rams

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