The Dallas Cowboys have been the team when it comes to the NFL in Texas. Sure we have the Houston Texans, but the Cowboys have ruled North Texas since 1960. Now, the Mayor of Dallas wants to change that. Should the NFL listen?

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The NFL on CBS posted a question on Twitter asking the social media world "what city deserves an NFL team.

Dallas Mayor, Eric Johnson, chimed in and seems to think that Dallas should be another NFL team and that there is plenty of room for one.  

Should the NFL listen?

In my opinion, I don't think North Texas should have another NFL team. Of course, I am biased because I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. And, the thought of another team in the DFW area seems kind of pointless considering you have one of the biggest franchises in sports already in the area.

Then again, you do have folks living in the DFW area that don't like the Cowboys. And some who are just plain tired of the mediocrity that has showered over 'America's Team' over the past 3 decades.

Other Twitter users chimed in talking about how Jerry wouldn't let it happen.  

Dallas Mayor, Eric Johnson had an answer to that tweet basically saying it's not about Jerry Jones.

So far the main reason I hear for why this can’t happen is because of Jerry Jones," Johnson wrote. "Well, first, let’s not put words in Mr. Jones’s mouth. Second, I work for the residents of Dallas, not Jerry Jones. Third, other NFL team owners also do not work for Jerry Jones, but themselves. -Mayor Eric Johnson

While other commenters stayed on topic, some told Johnson he has bigger things to worry about like the public transit system. I actually agree with that, it's horrible there.

But back to the topic: With all due respect, Mayor Johnson, I agree with the masses that another NFL team in North Texas should not happen. Now, another team somewhere like San Antonio or Austin, would be cool. But leave North Texas alone.

Go, Cowboys!

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