Goodbye 2019! It was a whirlwind year, and to top it off, it's the end of the decade as well. Emily and I are back with the final episode of 2019. "Work Parties are Awkward" is now available on Google Podcasts and Spotify! It's our final episode where we recap our company holiday party where I ended up leading a "Dominick the Donkey" sing a long and Emily and I tried to turn our margaritas into Baby Yoda's.

We also have a special guest with us on this episode: Michelle! Michelle is a board operator here at the station and she's usually really quiet, she's more of a "behind the scenes" character; she records and edits some of our videos, and sometimes she comes out in them.

Michelle, Emily and I recap what we were doing ten years ago, and reflect on our time here at the station. Michelle shares a great story of what she was doing ten years ago when she was 12! "What the Buzz: Work Parties are Awkward" is available on Google Podcasts and Spotify now! Catch up during the break! Thanks so much for listening in 2019 and we'll be back soon in the new year! See you in 2020!



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