Several years ago, an internet trend called "rockrolling" took social media by storm where users would trick their friends into watching the Rick Astley video to "Never Gonna Give You Up". Now you pull this prank by using different styles of music to create the love/hate song.

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I'm not quite sure when people started to like hating this song but the prank definitely irritates unsuspecting listeners who eventually end the prank with a high five and an "Ah, you got me!"

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remix the audio Dinahmoe

As you can see, the remixer has been around for several years now but I just literally stumbled across it and now I can't seem to get any work done because all I've done is remix the song for the past two hours.

So far I have found the mix of using metal drums and guitars with a Tex-Mex feel. Now I want tacos, and a margarita while listening to Slayer.

Check it out for yourself here. But, be warned. It is highly addictive and you won't get much work done for the next few hours.

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