Retail workers, listen up! This woman shared the most hilarious way she used to get revenge on rude middle-aged customers. It's pretty harmless and absolutely brilliant. I only wish I had thought of doing it sooner.

If I had a dollar for every customer that was rude to me when I was working in restaurants, I would probably be able to retire. Some people are just really entitled. I usually swallowed whatever mean thing they said and did my best to kill them with kindness. That wasn't nearly as fun as what this girl admitted to doing.

Check out the video below for some sinister customer service tips:

Yep. I would be mortified if someone asked me if I had my senior discount card. Holy moly! She gets lots of points for creativity in my book. Plus, nobody gets hurt, AND, how could you even get in trouble for it?

"Sorry, boss. She looked 65 to me."


Some of the people in the comment section below the video had some other suggestions for ways to get back at rude customers that I also found pretty entertaining. Here are a few of my favorites:

"Pro tip, if you are serving alcohol and a woman is being rude in line or while ordering, card her friend."

"Another thing you can do is if their husbands are with them, refer to him as "your son."

"When a customer was yelling at me, I said "You're not setting a very good example for your granddaughter" even though I could clearly tell it was her daughter."

Man, those are spicy. Good luck out there with all of the Karens! You got this!

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