Abilene has been getting quite a few new restaurants lately. That got me to thinking about some great places we used to have and maybe wished we still had now.

Do you remember a place you and your family used to go when you were a kid? Maybe you and your high school friends had a fun place you liked to meet on the weekends.

I remember as a kid going to the pizza cave, which was technically Tony's Pizza Cave which eventually became Crystal's pizza. My dad loved to go to K-Bob's Steak House. In high school my friends and I would head over to Gardski's Loft and split a basket of those huge cheese sticks.

Food seems to hold a lot of memories. Here are a few places that my friends and co-workers remember fondly.


  • Gardski's Loft
  • Pizza Cave/Crystal's
  • The Pelican
  • The Outpost
  • Fuddruckers
  • Steak and Ale
  • K-Bob's
  • Bonanza
  • Enrique's
  • Zentner's Daughter
  • Poco Peso
  • House of Hunan
  • Mr. G's Burgers
  • Harold's BBQ

Let us know in the comments what some of your favorite restaurants were that you still wish were around today.


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