In a city that's known for its large amount of restaurants, there's not a day that goes by that someone doesn't say "I wish we had _____ to eat here in Abilene".

It seems that the restaurants we use in that sentence are always the same, so I thought I'd compile a list of restaurants that we wish we had here in Abilene.

Here's the list, in no particular order.

Yeah, they serve good Waffles, but, you haven't lived until you've had the hash browns at Waffle House. These aren't just hash can get them with a ton of delicious toppings. Trust me, you want your hash browns "all the way" which comes smothered and covered in sauteed onions, melted cheese, grilled hickory smoked ham, grilled tomatoes, spicy jalapeno peppers, grilled button mushrooms, Bert's Chili, and sausage gravy.

Your stomach deserves to be treated to Waffle House Hash Browns served "All the Way".

Their burgers are world famous and their shakes are to die for.

When you want fast food, there really is no alternative to what you get at In-N-Out Burger.

In-N-Out never freezes or precooks their burgers and yours will always be topped with the freshest of produce. My stomach is growling at me as I think about it.

If you're lucky enough to find an In-N-Out (there are a few in Dallas with some going up in Austin and San Antonio soon), then make sure you try the Flying Dutchman from the secret menu...and savor every bite.

In Texas, a good steak is king. Well, at Saltgrass Steakhouse, a good steak will never be served...they only serve great steaks.

Don't believe me?

Next time you're in Dallas, stop by Saltgrass Steakhouse and order a Silver Star Porterhouse. While you're there, order Seafood Fondeaux as your appetizer. You'll love the combination of crawfish, shrimp, and mushrooms sauteed in cream sauce, then baked with romano and jack cheese.

The only way I can describe how good this tastes is by using the word "orgasm".

What's the best description of Dave & Busters? It's like an adult's Mr. Gatti's...only better.

Food, booze, and fun is what you get at D&B.

They serve a wide variety of food for lunch and dinner that includes pasta, burgers, steaks, seafood, chicken and more. Dave & Busters also have a full service bar to take care of your liquid libations. To top it off, D&B has a game room (Million Dollar Midway) for the big kid in all of us. From video games to virtual simulators to air hockey, basketball and more...Dave & Busters is freakin' amazing. Like other places with game rooms, Dave & Busters rewards your play with tickets. Those tickets you trade in for some really cool prizes. I'm not talking a stuff animal that tears on the ride home, I'm talking poker sets, bar sets, sports memorabilia, and more. Ya know, all the cool adult stuff. Trust me, you can spend all day in Dave & Busters and not even realize it.

When I first wrote this blog, I had Hooters on my list. Now, Hooters is coming to Abilene. The only reason I'm leaving it here is to mock those that though ACU bought the franchise to Hooters only to keep it out of Abilene. You're stupid.

Taco Cabana rules. I recall many nights, after the bar, that my buddies would go eat TC down in Houston.

Not only is the food great, but the outdoor area was awesome.

Granted, we have Rosa's Cafe & Tortilla Factory and that is very similar. But, Taco Cabana is the 'Original Mexican Patio Cafe'.

Like Taco Cabana, Jack in the Box is perfect late at night.

If I was given the opportunity, I believe I could live on Ultimate Cheeseburgers my entire life.

We used to have one in Abilene and Sweetwater, but both were rumored to have shut down because the owners didn't pay their taxes.

Bring Back Jack!

EatZi's is a restaurant and market all in one.

Imagine five-star quality food paired with the convenience of a corner store. Seriously, the food is incredible. You can eat in or take home.

EatZi's is not just a restaurant, it's an experience. Oh, and they make the best damn red velvet cake on the planet.

What are some restaurants you wish we had in the Abilene area?

If you're still wondering why Hooters made the list even though they're actually coming to Abilene...then click through this gallery.





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