Below is three fights involving Dallas Cowboys fans. In one video it's Dallas Cowboys fans fighting each other. #DallasCowboysFansLivesMatter

We are getting close to the regular football season starting so I decided to catch up on some fights from the preseason. In all seriousness, we need more love in this world. I don't condone the actions of these individuals.

Fight #1 

This fight occurred at the LA Rams vs Dallas Cowboys game in Los Angeles, California. From the looks of it the Dallas Cowboys fan got socked hard in the face with a beer. Now, who spends all that money on beer just to let it go to waste?

The fight comes to an abrupt end after the fans are thrown over the stands and someone pulls out pepper spray on the group of guys. In case you're wondering the Dallas Cowboys lost that game.

By the way, is it just me or does the sunset in this video look cool. The way it reflects off the sky boxes is nice.


Guys and girls get into a quick fight in this video. It's unclear was caused all this mayhem but it didn't help that the chicks were trying to stop the guys from fighting because the girls end up jumping in.

Security eventually separates the group. Check out the chick in the grey Dallas Cowboys shirt at the 55 second mark. Hey Girl!


Check out the third and final fight from two different views! Notice the security on hand doesn't do anything towards the beginning.

Check back for updates on fans going crazy throughout the regular NFL season!!