Who's ready to make "Floyd Friday" a thing? Thanks to Pink Floyd's new playlist, longtime fans of the classic band will be highly anticipating the end of each week. Pink Floyd have just launched their "Syd, Roger, Richard, Nick and David - An Evolving Pink Floyd Playlist" online.

The idea behind the playlist was to help fans rediscover the band and immerse themselves in digging into their history by bringing forth rare and unavailable versions of songs to check out. The playlist's first addition is the currently unavailable version of "Us & Them" that was recorded live at the Empire Pool at Wembley in London back in 1974. It was previously part of the 2011 Immersion box set of Dark Side of the Moon.

There will be specially curated album tracks added daily and appearing at the top of the playlist, but each Friday has been reserved for the rarities that were initially available on the Immersion box sets.

The next four Fridays will features an alternate version of "Have a Cigar" from the Wish You Were Here Immersion set on May 29, a live at Wembley version of "Any Colour You Like" recorded in 1974 from the Dark Side of the Moon Immersion set arriving on June 5, a "Run Like Hell" band demo from The Wall WIP Pt. 2 off The Wall Immersion set on June 12 and an early 1972 mix of "Money" from The Dark Side of the Moon Immersion set on June 19. Additional unavailable tracks will be scheduled and announced soon.

The "Syd, Roger, Richard, Nick and David - An Evolving Pink Floyd Playlist" will be updated daily via Spotify and YouTube and you can select the platform of your choosing here. In addition, the currently unavailable tracks will be released for download and streaming purposes via Amazon, Apple Music and other digital retailers each Friday.

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