If you've never seen 90 Day Fiance, you have to check out this scene.

You might think that dude s a bit of a whackadoo. Well, he has a point. Even though this is in Brazil, and the real story is in Africa, things crawling up your peepee hole can happen.

Back in August, 2017, James Michael from London went on a dream vacation to Africa. While there he he took a dip in Lake Malawi.

Fast forward about a year and Michael is starting to have some health issues. He started to lose the feeling in his legs and was struggling with simple tasks like walking up stairs.

Michael went to see a neurologist, and they told him his immune system was attacking his spine. They weren't sure what was causing the issue, but they put him on a 6 month course of steroids.

Eventually, doctors were able to tell Michael that he had contracted schistosomiasis - also known as bilharzia. It's a parasitic worm that had made it's way up... well... yeah... and then laid eggs in his body. They treated him to kill the parasite but told him he has a 30% chance of a full recovery, 10 years from now.

So make fun of Paul on 90 Day Fiance all you want, but he was taking the proper precautions.

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