Wrestlemania happened this past weekend, and many people wrestling fans and not had the WWE on their mind. One of those people was Last Week Tonight host John Oliver. And he unleashed on Vince McMahon and the WWE on his show. As a wrestling and WWE fan, this twenty-minute video really stirred something inside of me. Every week, I see some of my favorite wrestlers battling it out in the ring and putting their bodies through unimaginable stress almost every single day to do what they love. Wrestling fans appreciate what they do, but sometimes you can forget just really how taxing it can be on them physically and emotionally. Spending almost the entire year on the road with no offseason puts a strain on their relationships, along with their bodies. While wrestlers are able to go out every night performing for their adoring fans and do what they love to do, the limelight doesn't last forever. It's always been known how dangerous being a professional wrestler can be, but few know how much of a financial burden it can be as well.

John Oliver does a great job taking a hard look at the WWE and specifically WWE's CEO Vince McMahon and places much of the blame directly at his feet. It's been known for years the financial burdens many wrestlers have had to face after their days in the ring, as well as the medical bills that can pile up as your body ages and all those hits in the ring finally take their toll. While the younger generation of wrestlers seems to be taking better care of their bodies, it still isn't enough to make sure that they're able to live into their senior years. Many wrestlers die young from either health issues or addiction issues from having to deal with years of abusing drugs to alleviate their pain.

This entire video by John Oliver is so important, especially for wrestling fans. We spend our money on merchandise, live events, autograph signings and more all supporting our favorite wrestlers and on top of that, the WWE corporation. But if we are going to be "in bed" with McMahon and the WWE, we also want to make sure that the athletes know and love are being taken care of with our hard earned money. They have also worked hard and sacrificed blood, sweat, tears and the comforts we take for granted every day to put a smile on your face. It shouldn't be too much to ask that we want them to lobe happy, healthy lives for as long as possible as well. Check out some of the Twitter reactions to Oliver's monologue here.

An interesting side note, the video where CM Punk allegedly craps himself is below. I can't see the exact moment to see if you can figure it out for yourself. The commentators on Youtube are certainly trying their hardest to try and solve the mystery as well.

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