The Mesquite Heat Fire showed the entire Big Country (and state) how much we need (and value) volunteer firefighters. Well, our area volunteer fire departments aren't looking for just firefighters, they're looking for volunteers, period.

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One of those fire departments happens to be the Jim Ned Volunteer Fire Department, which posted on Facebook that they've got "plenty of other roles that need filling".

Jim Ned Volunteer Fire Department/Facebook
Jim Ned Volunteer Fire Department/Facebook

Why are volunteer fire departments so important to us?

Volunteer emergency responders make up 73% of the fire service throughout the US. The volunteer emergency service is an extremely valuable national resource, protecting neighbors and saving taxpayers money. []

If you're interested in joining the Jim Ned Volunteer Fire Department, please join their weekly meetings each Tuesday at 738 Buffalo Gap Road in Tuscola.

If you're interested in joining any of our area volunteer fire departments, then you can apply here.

Following this past week of wildfires, let's honor our area volunteer firefighters. You can send us info about your favorite volunteer firefighter here.

Speaking of the Mesquite Heat Fire, we're entering the "rebuilding" phase of things, and donations are critical. Please take a moment to donate today, through the Community Foundation of Abilene.

Just to give you a little insight at what our area firefighters had to deal with, check out the following photos of the Mesquite Heat Fire.

Heartbreaking: Photos from the Mesquite Heat Fire

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