With over 30 million pints of Trooper beer sold worldwide, Iron Maiden have finally unveiled a way to keep those brews ice cold, partnering with Igloo for their own Eddie-adorned drink cooler.

The 24-quart cooler, which is of Igloo's "Playmate Classic" variety, holds up to 26 12-ounce cans (no word on bottle maximums nor pints) and can also be used to keep various foods cold, with the aid of some ice, of course.

Each of the four walls are colored black while the adjustable handle and lid are all white with an Iron Maiden graphic occupying most of the blank space. The classic, red Iron Maiden logo appears in the middle, surrounded by nine rendition of their iconic mascot, Eddie, as seen in various eras of the band's career and largely adapted from the cover of the 1996 Best of the Beast compilation.

Some more recent Eddies have been added too, with each new millennium cover represented in some way, save for 2006's A Matter of Life and Death.

Igloo's Chief Marketing Officer Brian Garofalow commented on the collaboration and said, "This collaboration has been surreal in all the best ways. By incorporating an army of instantly recognizable Eddies onto our 'Playmate Classic' cooler, we're able to provide Maiden fans a chance to chill with the Beast and own a unique piece of memorabilia."

Fans interested in purchasing the Iron Maiden-branded cooler can head to the Igloo webstore.

See photos of the cooler below.

Look for Iron Maiden's newest beer, the 'Hellcat India Pale Lager,' brewed in collaboration with BrewDog, to arrive this fall and catch the band on the road in Europe next summer on another leg of their 'Legacy of the Beast' tour.

Iron Maiden's Igloo 'Playmate Classic' Cooler

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