Horror movies are known for the 4 Bs. Blood, boobs, butts, and bush. BUT, the horror movie genre actually has less nudity than other genres like drama, comedy, crime, and action.

Mr. Skin did his research, and here is the franchises with the most nudity. He did take out the direct to video franchise Witchcraft because it was basically soft-core porn.

  1. "Friday the 13th":  12 movies, 39 nude scenes.
  2. "Hellraiser":  10 movies, 24 nude scenes.
  3. "Wrong Turn":  7 movies, 17 nude scenes.
  4. "Piranha":  5 movies, 16 nude scenes.
  5. "Hostel":  3 movies, 14 nude scenes.
  6. "Silent Night, Deadly Night":  6 movies, 14 nude scenes.
  7. "Halloween":  13 movies, 13 nude scenes.
  8. "Amityville":  23 movies, 9 nude scenes.
  9. "Nightmare on Elm Street":  9 movies, 8 nude scenes.

And now, Buzz had to let us all know of the porn parody names he says he came up with, although I'm sure some of these were movies he's actually looked up and just forgot.

  1. The XXXorcist

  2. Friday of the 13 Inches

  3. The Rocky Whore Picture Show

  4. Night of the Living Head

  5. Buffy the Vampire Layer

  6. Hung Frankenstein

  7. Texas Chainsaw Vibrator

  8. I Know Who You Did Last Summer

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