One of the very best things about living in Texas is that people have pride in our state and our hometown. It’s amazing how many places don’t seem to have the same amount of pride that you find here. It’s a real thing in Texas, but there might be a way to show support for all our armed forces here in Abilene that you might not know about.  

It was something that I just learned recently and it’s a simple task of just replacing your porch light at home with a green bulb. This is not only going to make your home look cool, but it shows everyone else in the community that you support all our military branches.  

You Might See More Green Bulbs Used During Specific Times 

There are certain holidays throughout the year that shine light on our military and people tend to really lean into the green light bulb trend during that time. But we are talking about supporting our military, we should always be showing our support.  

"Though some people may leave a green porch light on year-round to express their support, many choose to use this colored bulb around Veteran's Day, which is celebrated on November 11th, and Memorial Day, which falls on the last Monday of May."

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Let’s Get All Green Porch Lights in Abilene 

We have so many things that try to create division, it feels like this should be an easy ask and something that everyone can get on board with. Everyone is free to make their own decision, we live in a free country. Just remember who puts their life on the line fighting for those freedoms we enjoy each day. To all former and active military members, thank you for your service. You’re appreciated more than you know. 

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