Ghost are a pretty cinematic outfit, but could their story be primed for the cinema? Their long line of sophisticated music videos shed a lot of light on their mysterious backstory, but frontman Tobias Forge says one day they could tell their story on the big screen.

In an interview with Quincy, Illinois’ Herald-Whig, Forge explains that he has been thinking about making a Ghost film, which would shine a light on the band’s elaborate backstory. “I guess in the context of a rock band trying to tell a story, you can't have too high of hopes of it being a blockbuster success,” Forge laughs. He adds, “We're still a rock band, and it's there for fun. But yeah, the intention is to, in one way or form, tell that story, and if it becomes a film one day, potentially... but there is definitely other ways to tell the story, as well. And it might come out in paper form.”

The Swedish rockers have been “killing off” their frontman persona after every tour, but have yet to complete their current run with Cardinal Copia. When asked about his favorite persona, Forge explained while he doesn’t play favorites but he enjoys embodying “Cardinal Copia.” “I think he's the most accomplished so far, also because I see the potential. This album cycle was always meant as a… sort of a cleansing of the palette, in a way?" He continues, "The Cardinal was meant to be a little bit uphill, and he has been for me, as well, but I definitely see the potential of him, potentially rise to an exalted place where he gets all the attributes of the previous Papas. That is, IF he gets to be Papa!”

As we previously reported, Ghost will do zero touring following their “The Ultimate Tour Named Death” outing in 2020. Forge recently shared that he has “maybe 50 ideas” for the band’s next album. He told Full Metal Jackie, “I want to write a record that is filled with good songs that will fit very well into our other pile of songs that we have for an album's worth of material.”

In the meantime, Ghost will release their sold out Prequelle Exalted Deluxe Collector’s Limited Edition set tomorrow (Sept. 27). The collection features a limited edition orange with black smoke colored vinyl, a 60-page arena tour photo book, four live photo prints and a 7” Ghost rarities and more.

Ghost are currently on tour in North America through Oct. 26. Check out their tour dates here.

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