What the world needs now is some hard-hitting Drowning Pool to get you through the day, and luckily the Texas rockers are back, announcing their first new album in six years. The band will release Strike a Nerve on Sept. 30, and they're ready to blow up your speakers with the first single "Mind Right."

The band comes out of the gate swinging with a full throttle rocker, featuring a prominent low groove, aggressive drumming and singer Jasen Moreno's in-your-face vocal about making sure you're all squared away. It's a commanding new offering to kick off promotion of the band's forthcoming release, and also serves as a nod to fellow Texas favorites Pantera.

And if you think you're feeling it, you should know the band is too. “Strike a Nerve is the most exciting and intense music from Drowning Pool to date,” says guitarist CJ Pierce. “We’ve stayed true to the core sound people know from us, but we’ve taken everything we do to another level. We’ve been writing music together for over twenty years - half of that with Jasen - and this album is more refined and more true to who we are than anything we’ve done before. Sometimes it’s heavier than we’ve ever been, sometimes it’s lighter, and sometimes we go in a direction that surprises even us - but it’s always just brutally honest, and that comes through in every track.”

Offering some insight into the song, Pierce continues, “‘Mind Right' started with the core Drowning Pool sound, then really dug into our southern metal roots. This song was written not long after Vinnie Paul died, as a tribute of sorts to him and Dime and a way for us to to honor the impact Pantera had on our local Dallas scene. It’s probably the heaviest song we’ve recorded, but it's the perfect way to close Strike A Nerve; like the title of the song says, we all need to get our minds right. We need to see what’s going on around us, stand up for what we believe in, and always focus on the bigger picture. We can’t wait to play this one live!”

Take a listen to the song below:

Drowning Pool, "Mind Right"

As stated, "Mind Right" will appear on the band's Strike a Nerve album, which is en route for a Sept. 30 release through T-Boy / UMe, and will be available in CD, vinyl and digital formats.

“This record is so badass, it’s perfect. It’s the four of us doing what we do to the best of our abilities,” says singer Jasen Moreno. “The band is tight in every way. We’re firing off on all cylinders. We’re at the top of our game. There are all different ways of saying it, but it all amounts to the same thing - the results are just magic. From the way the record sounds, to the writing of it, to the production, to the look of it - it’s just a perfect Drowning Pool record. None of us could ask for anything more...”

Other future standouts include the title track, plus "Racing a Light," "Stay and Bleed," "Down in the Dirt" and the somber ballad "Everything But You." The full track listing and artwork for the album can be viewed below. And pre-orders for Strike a Nerve are now being taken here.

Drowning Pool, Strike a Nerve Album Artwork + Track Listing

T-Boy / UMe
T-Boy / UMe

1. Doing Time in Hell
2. Hate Against Hate
3. Stay and Bleed
4. Strike a Nerve
5. Racing To a Red Light
6. Choke
7. Everything But You
8. Down in the Dirt
9. Rope
10. A Devil More Damned
11. Mind Right

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