With the economy in the dumps, we're looking for as many ways to save money as possible, right? Well, do I have the perfect deal for you...and your wallet.

Each year, Domino's Abilene has a mega-huge pizza deal that is too good for anyone to turn down, and now is that time of year, once again.

Even better, this year's pizza event will benefit my favorite charity, New Horizons.

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What is the Summer Pizza Deal?

The Domino's Abilene Summer Pizza Deal is your opportunity to get unlimited $3 medium, hand-tossed pepperoni or cheese pizzas.

$3 is all it takes for a medium pepperoni or cheese pizza and best of all, $1 from every pizza sold will go to my favorite charity, New Horizons, which helps local kids with counseling, foster, and adoption services (to name a few).

Obviously, you'll want more than one and that's ok because you can get as many of those $3 pizzas as you want.

This deal is cash only and carry out only and only at the new Domino's location at South 14th and the Winters Freeway (old Dickey's BBQ building) between 5 pm and 7 pm this Tuesday, June 14th.

Rock 108 will be out there broadcasting live between 5 pm and 7 pm, so stop by and say hi and help us help the kids at New Horizons.

Domino's Abilene/Facebook
Domino's Abilene/Facebook

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