You may have traveled Mockingbird lately and noticed a legendary sign and building had been demolished and replaced with a new business. I'm talking about the old Pizza America building that had been vacant for quite some time.

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If you lived in Abilene back in the Pizza America days then you probably have quite a few stories about their legendary pies. You probably also have quite a few stories about Sal and his family, who created those legendary pies.

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While Pizza America has been closed for many years now, other businesses have attempted to recreate the same magic in the same building. However, nothing quite stacked up to Pizza America.

Today, Abilene is anticipating the opening of a brand new Domino's storefront in the very same location as the storied Pizza America stood many moons ago.

Frank Pain
Frank Pain

I'll be honest, when I first heard that a new business was taking over that location, it truly upset me. Once I found out it would be a new Domino's location, my heart and soul were set at ease.

I know what you're thinking, it's almost sacrilegious that a pizza place would build in the exact location as Pizza America. In most cases, I would agree with you, but not this time, though.

I've had a chance to get to know the owner of the Abilene-area Domino's, Cassie Gerety, and I can honestly say that she and her team are incredible people who are very passionate about our community.

So passionate that they sold thousands of $3 pizzas recently as a fundraiser for New Horizons, right here in Abilene.


Mrs. Gerety, and her team, are also huge supporters of our military and veteran community. Annually, they host fundraisers for the Permian-Basin Honor Flight, which sends veterans to Washington D.C.

I reached out to Mrs. Gerety and this is what she had to say about this new location:

Team Gerety is so humbled to be able to open a new Dominos location in such a historic spot! Since Team Gerety took over the Dominos legacy in Abilene in 2020 it has been our pleasure to continue serving the community of Abilene! We love being here and our teams are ready to continue serving! We hope that everyone will come to visit our team at the New Dominos Pizza location on Mockingbird! [Cassie Gerety - Owner]

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Well, Pizza America came to an end many years ago, but the memories will live forever. But, if we want Abilene to grow, then we need to support any new business that opens here.

So let's cheer on a local business owner, and her team, as she helps Abilene grow while also remembering the good times we had back in the day.

When an opening date has been announced, we'll report it here.

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