Code Orange is one of the most exciting bands in metal, and Gear Factor host Squiggy recently caught up with guitarist-singer Reba Meyers to discuss her early influences. Unlike many other musicians, she wasn't influenced early on by a specific riff, song or band. She just gravitated towards aggressive music in general.

"I was a little kid, I loved all kinds of music, which is what, I think, made me the type of guitar player that I am now. I loved punk music, I loved hardcore music, rock, alternative, all kinds of stuff."

She continues, "The sound and the look of the guitar is what really influenced me, not any music in particular because I loved all kinds of stuff."

But when she first started playing, the first songs she learned to play were by the most radical hardcore punk bands. "I'd say Minor Threat or Black Flag, or something like that. Probably [Minor Threat's] 'In My Eyes,' I was playing in a Minor Threat cover band, one of those songs."

She plays ESP guitars and is now part of that company's extended family. "It's great, I've played ESP my whole life. As a little kid, I would never dream that I'd be an actual part of ESP and to be able to represent it. It's a really special thing. [They make] great guitars, all kinds of guitars for different kinds of players.  you don't have to be rich to have a nice ESP. It's a durable guitar, it's made for people of all kinds and all levels. I respect that."

Code Orange is about to wrap up their summer tour; they currently have two festivals booked for the fall. Check out their dates at their website.

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