Saturday, September 11th will be a day of celebration for the Wylie Little League All-Stars who took the world by storm in the Little League World Series.

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Their run through the state and regional tournaments was nothing short of historic, but it was their effort in the Little League World Series that casts these kids as legends. "Ella and the Fellas" became household names during this year's run only to be beaten by the eventual champion, Michigan.

For a few weeks, a city divided by politics and negativity came together as one to cheer on these kids as they fought tooth and nail game in and game out. There were so many life lessons we all learned from the path Wylie Little League blazed this year; from overcoming injury to working as a team to 'girls can play just as good as the boys'.

Their story is as inspirational as anything Hollywood could write. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if this team's story did make it to the silver screen. Regardless, they made Abilene proud, they made Texas proud, and they endeared themselves to the nation.

So, please join us as we celebrate the epic accomplishment of these kids, coaches, and parents on Saturday, September 11th at Hugh Sandifer Stadium at Wylie High School. The event kids off at 7 pm, so get there early for a great seat and let's cheer on our newest heroes.

Wylie Little League Facebook
Wylie Little League Facebook

Throw on something purple and join us on the 11th at Hugh Sandifer Stadium. This will be a very memorable event that none of us should miss.

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