The 4th of July is quickly approaching and that means it's time to party and finish things off with a fireworks show. Well, if you'd like to take in some 4th of July festivities while helping out a local volunteer fire department, then head out to Tuscola this year.

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Each year, Tuscola holds a huge Independence Day fiesta that doubles as a fundraiser for the Jim Ned Volunteer Fire Department. Following the Mesquite Heat Fire, Jim Ned VFD is in dire need of replenishing equipment lost or damaged due to said fires.

So, this year's event is critical for the continued operation of the volunteer fire department.

Trust me, there will be plenty to take in so that short drive to Tuscola will be well worth it.

Jim Ned Volunteer Fire Department/Facebook
Jim Ned Volunteer Fire Department/Facebook

What can we expect at this year's event in Tuscola?

There will be an amazing car show, a cornhole tournament, live music with Cassidy Sooter and Ariel Hutchins, and a mouth-watering bar-b-que prepared by the heroes at the Jim Ned Volunteer Fire Department.

Oh yeah, how can I forget...the day will be capped off with one of the most awe-inspiring fireworks shows our area gets to enjoy each year.

The day starts off at 8 am on Monday, July 4th at 1200 Turner Lane in Tuscola. So make plans now for an exciting day of fun and fireworks.

Now, if you can't make it on the 4th, but still want to donate to the Jim Ned Volunteer Fire Department, then you can do so here.

While we're talking about volunteer firefighters, please take a moment to visit this page to honor a local volunteer firefighter as a Hero of the Big Country.

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