Here in Texas, we love Buc-ee's just about as much as we love our moms. It's truly one of a Texan's favorite pastimes to drop by this renowned convenience store while on a road trip and peruse through all the awesome things they have to offer.

Sadly, we here in the Big Country don't experience the awesomeness of Buc-ee's as much as we'd like, however, because of the distance to the closest Buc-ee's location. Why they haven't built a Buc-ee's in Abilene yet is beyond me. Luckily, many locations are scattered across the Lone Star State that are not too far from the Key City.

For those that "don't understand the Buc-ee's hype", just visit one and your life will be changed forever.
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In fact, there are quite a few Buc-ee's stores within a few hours' driving distance of Abilene. In other words, take all these pit stops into account when planning your next road trip.

Keep scrolling to see the list of Buc-ee's that are closest to us here in the Abilene area.


In which direction and how far will you drive for a package of Beaver Nuggets or the special opportunity to gaze at a wall of beef jerky? Don't let a few (hundred) miles get in the way of enjoying the nirvana known as Buc-ee's.

For those who do not understand the Buc-ee's "hype", I suggest you visit one as soon as possible. Your life will be changed forever. Happy traveling.

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We don't have a Buc-ee's in Abilene, but a short drive will get you to quite a few.

Gallery Credit: Chaz

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