Beer was first sold in cans, in 1935, when Krueger Brewing Company made beer history. This historic, thirst-quenching day will forever be celebrated, annually, on January 24th.

Thanks to that little brewery from Virginia we can now enjoy the Nectar of the Gods in a more efficient manner.

Iconic beer cans and labeling are just as big as the brew itself. You can find a variety of beers cans on every shelf. So celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day by purchasing a few wild looking cans, but once you're done marveling at the can - drink up.

If you come across a beautiful can or even have a great story about your favorite can, make sure you use #BeerCanAppreciationDay on all of your social media sites.

The video above showcases some of my favorites cans that are currently in my fridge at home. I may have had to start the video over multiple times thus had to drink more beer than initially anticipated.

Drink Responsibly.

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