Beer and marijuana are related in a way that many aren't aware of and it's not just because both give you a buzz after consumption.

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As a matter of fact, the hops (Humulus lupulus) that your favorite beer is brewed with are actually part of the same flowering plant family (Urticales) as marijuana (Cannabis sativa).

Both Humulus and Cannabis contain the same compounds, called Terpenes and Terpenoids, that share a strongly similar aroma and flavor.

DNA testing has proven that these two plants are, indeed, of the same family which scientists call "Cannabaceae".

That relationship, between hops and cannabis, is so strong that consumers even use the same/similar ways to describe the aroma and flavors of both. Dank, citrusy, juicy, skunky, and earthy are labels given to both a solid craft beer and a bowl loaded with your favorite weed.


Next time you walk into the Taylor County Taphouse and smell what resembles to be weed, you're probably smelling a freshly-poured cannabis-infused beer, like the Sweetwater G13.

You can also give your belly and taste buds a test drive with these other "hemp beers" like the New Belgium "Hemporer" and Lagunitas "Hi-Fi Hops".

Now, if you just want a beer that smells like it may have some weed in it, then go with an IPA as those typically have more hops in them.

Speaking of beer, I think it's time we loaded up the car and took a road trip to each state to try the following beer. Who's with me?

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