The fact that you clicked the link when reading that headline, means you're my kind of people. Even though marijuana isn't legal in Texas, you still want to enjoy the green goodness that comes straight from our earth.

Obviously, that means traveling to a state where the hippie cabbage is legal for recreational use.

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So where does one go when they'd like to purchase marijuana legally? Well, our closest options are Oklahoma and New Mexico. Now, recreational use of marijuana is not currently legal in Oklahoma, but it's getting close. However, medical marijuana is very much legal across the Red River, but we'll talk more about that in a bit.

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Let's go ahead and get down to the nitty gritty so you can get that sticky icky.

Where are the closest marijuana dispensaries to Abilene?

OSO Cannabis Company | 1822 S. Dal Paso, Hobbs, New Mexico | 214 Miles

Pecos Valley Production | 311 W. Broadway St., Hobbs, New Mexico | 213 Miles

S & S Smokers Outlet | 723 N. Marland Blvd., Hobbs, New Mexico | 212 Miles

Bryan's Green Care | 201 N. Grimes St., Hobbs, New Mexico | 214 Miles

Twenty Past Four, LLC | 210 W. Bender Blvd., Hobbs, New Mexico | 213 Miles

Ultra Health Dispensary Hobbs | 3211 N. Dal Paso, Hobbs, New Mexico | 212 Miles

Obviously, all of those are in Hobbs, New Mexico, which is the closest we have to legal, recreational marijuana. Just remember, marijuana is very much illegal in Texas, so don't bring it across state lines.

What about Oklahoma?

Currently, only medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma but they are getting closer to legalizing it for recreational use.

Can I get medical marijuana in Oklahoma if I don't live there?

As a matter of fact, you can. Non-residents of Oklahoma can apply for a medical marijuana license as long as they have a medical marijuana license from the state they reside in. So, while Texas' medical marijuana laws are incredibly restrictive, if you have a license, you can also get one from Oklahoma.

Like I previously stated, though, Oklahoma is close to legalizing it for recreational use, so just drive to Hobbs or wait until Oklahoma changes its laws.

Medical Marijuana Buds on Black Background

Once again, marijuana is NOT legal in Texas. I'm sure I have to put some kind of disclaimer in here, so there you go.

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