The Dallas Cowboys released running back Ezekiel Elliott last month. So far the former standout has yet to find a new home, but some are pointing out that the former Ohio State star may be rejoining the team that wears the star in Dallas.

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It has been well-documented by sports writers all over the country that Zeke's talent has declined gradually over the past few years. Heck, I even questioned why Zeke was even starting and suggested Tony Pollard should be the main dude.

In 2022, Elliott only rushed for a meager 876 yards while still cranking out 12 touchdowns. That's a far cry from the 1,631 yards he rushed for in his rookie season just 7 years earlier.

What's sad to me, is that his last play as a member of the Dallas Cowboys was him lining up as center on the last play of the game against the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs and getting absolutely drilled in the process.

Not a good way to go out.

It's been a little over a month since his release and Zeke has yet to find a new home. Could his new home be his old home?

If starting quarterback Dak Prescott has his way, it could happen. Dak made some comments recently that suggested that he and several on the team would welcome back Zeke with open arms.

Obviously, the business side of the NFL trumps the personal side. So, regardless of how he feels, I'm sure the Jones family is all about the business side of it and it would be a longshot. Plus, if you recall his number 21 has already been assigned to new starting cornerback, Stephon Gilmore.

Still, on a personal note, I've always liked Zeke and I wouldn't mind seeing him back on the field wearing the star, just not as a starter. Besides, Tony Pollard did break his leg at the end of last season so having someone who knows the playbook might come in handy until Pollard is 100%.

Stranger things have happened but if Zeke still isn't signed soon, we may be seeing him jump into the Salvation Army bucket as a member of the Dallas Cowboys in 2023.

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