You would be hard-pressed to find anybody in Texas that appreciates Tex-Mex cuisine quite like I do. I mean, I literally drink the salsa just to see how good it is before I dip a chip in it. Yep, if you're like me, you could eat Tex-Mex 24/7. But who has the best in Abilene? Thanks to Yelp, we have an answer.

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There is no shortage of restaurants in Abilene that serve up some fine Tex-Mex on any given day. I know that's music to my ears. As I said, I could live off of chips, salsa, tacos, and burritos.

But with so many Tex-Mex-style restaurants, it's kind of hard to pick the best one. I know that for me personally, Abeulo's is one of the best in town as far as dining in. Their chips and salsa are always on point, and their fajitas are absolutely delicious.

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If I'm on the go, I'm all about Taco Casa or Taco Bueno. Taco Bueno has some of the best bean burritos and they also have some pretty tasty salsa, especially their fire salsa. But, If you're all about some cheese, Taco Casa puts a ton of cheese on their menu items.

Which Abilene restaurant has the best Tex-Mex?

As you'll see in the gallery below, all three of the aforementioned restaurants made the list. I was a bit surprised that Abeulo's was not in the top spot. I was also surprised that Miguel's didn't make the list, while Chili's made the list twice.

So, who's the best? Keep scrolling to find out.

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