New research from Forbes Advisor has listed the worst-driving cities in America, and three Texas cities have made the top 15 list. Yeehaw!

We all know that driving in Texas can be a bit hazardous as with a big state comes many more drivers. But, some places in America will make you grip the steering wheel just a bit harder.

While Texas didn't make the top spot on this list, or even make the top five, the Lone Star State still had three cities that ranked in the top 15.

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To find out which cities have the worst drivers, Forbes Advisor compared the 50 most populated U.S. cities across these key metrics - number of fatal car accidents per 100-thousand residents, number of fatal accidents involving a drunk driver, those involving a distracted driver, involving speeding and the number of people killed in fatal crashes.

As you'll see in the list below, Texas is home to three of the top 15 cities in America that have the worst drivers. Yep, we like to do it up big here in Texas.

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Living in Abilene, Texas, I honestly thought we would be at the top of the list because of the dumb stuff we do when we drive in town. But, I think folks al over America feel the same way about their hometown.

Still, it's proof that we have a major problem in America when it comes to distracted driving, drunk driving, and generally not paying attention to the road.

Maybe we should go back to riding horses to work every day?

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