Lately, I've been obsessed with finding unique Airbnb rentals here in Texas, and during the said search I stumbled across one that centers around tipis and it's pretty dang rad.

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Growing up in Bay City, my family would often visit the nearby town of Wharton where my brother and I would awe over a tipi hotel and RV park that looked so cool. I always wanted to stay there, but back then, it was (pretty much) in disarray so staying there never happened.

Fast forward to today and I've found an even cooler tipi stay and it's right on the spring-fed Geronimo Creek down near San Antonio.

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Each tipi has 3 queen beds so you'll have plenty of room for the entire family. While the tipi has a private bathroom, it's actually in a building right next to the tipi. You'll also get to enjoy lake access, wifi, a hot tub, a pond to swim, kayak, and more.

Best of all, a beautiful, relaxing stay will only cost you $87 a night. You can't beat that, especially for all the natural amenities and other special touches the owners gave this property.

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