The saying "everything is bigger in Texas" applies to just about everything, including wind chimes and it appears Abilene will soon be home to the world's largest.

According to JK Welding, the massive wind chime will soon be installed in the median where Highways 83/84 and I-20 meet. First, though, it has to be dismantled at its original home in Manor, Texas.

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The massive wind chime will soon be installed in the median where Highways 83/84 and I-20 meet

Known as "The Singing Ringing Tree of Texas", this wind chime wonder has been donated, by its original owner, to the Abilene Cultural Affairs Council and Abilene will be its final resting place.

Watch the video below to hear this wind chime in action.

The Singing Ringing Tree won't be Abilene's first "singing installation" as the MLK bridge is known as the "singing bridge". The texture of the road top makes tires "sing" when driving across it.

Now, according to the Guiness Book of World Records, the largest wind chime is actually in Casey, Illinois, but my is they haven't had a chance to view this wonder of wind.

The claim, of the world's largest, comes from the creator of the wind chime, JK Welding.

A special task force team of JK Weldings crew built the world's largest wind chime 6 years ago

Regardless, the Singing Ringing Tree of Texas is huge and will soon be part of Abilene's charm and a reason for tourists to make, at least, a pit stop here in the Key City.

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