Abilene is home to quite a few extraordinary men and women, from military personnel to first responders to those serving on the front-lines in the hospitals treating patients.

If you know of a Hometown Hero, please make sure you submit them here so we can honor them along with all the other heroes.

Please take a moment to virtually thank these Hometown Heroes for all of their sacrifices.

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    Hailey Brown Linn

    Hendrick Medical Center - RN

    Hailey Brown Linn. Born and raised in Abilene by parents Kirk Brown and Karla Brown. Went to high school at Abilene Wylie and then college at ACU and graduated in 2017 with BSN and became a Registered Nurse (RN). Married high school sweetheart Jake Linn, son of Gary and Lisa Linn, in September of 2018! She has been a nurse at Hendrick Medical Center for 3 years now. She is currently on C7 which is normally a surgical/telemetry unit, but we have recently been converted to the COVID19 unit at HMC.

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    Joseph Michael Joeris

    Hendrick Medical Center - RN

    Our hometown hero is Joseph Michael Joeris. Joseph is the day charge nurse on the C7 Colvin 19 floor at Hendrick Medical Center. Joseph is a 2002 graduate of Winter high school where he graduated valedictorian. Graduated McMurry University with a BSN degree in nursing then attended Patty Hanks Shelton school of nursing in Abilene where he graduated and was inducted into the world wide National Honor Society of Nursing. Joseph is married and the father of two children with one on the way due in late October.

  • Greg Simmons

    Volunteer Firefighter

    On April 15, 2011, Greg Simmons gave his life in the line of duty on County Road 323 in Gorman, Texas. Simmons was overcome by smoke while attempting to escape the blazing pasture he was trying to protect. He never made it out of that pasture, but his memory is carried in the hearts of his loved ones.

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    Jesus Ramos

    U.S. Air Force - Logistics Readiness

    SSgt Ramos is My Hero, Because he has stepped up to defend our country. He has sacrificed Many Birthdays, Holidays, & Anniversaries. He is always the first one to volunteer to help someone out. He does not do his job for the glory, but for the pride in knowing he is protecting the people he loves and cares for. He is never the first one to take the glory for his title. He is everything a Man should be to a wife and his children. He has deployed many times and is currently deployed again. I miss him but I know why he does his job and I am Proud to be his Wife.

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