Those of you that are fans of the TV show 'Friends' might remember an episode in which they talked about the 'Celebrity Freebie List'. If you don't know what that is, well, it's a list of 5 celebrities who one is allowed to sleep with without it being considered as cheating by your significant other.

Obviously this list is purely hypothetical. If any name was ever marked off the list, we'd have to really wonder about the extremely low standards of said celebrity.

With all that being said, we had a little fun by coming up with our own Freebie lists on The Men's Room on The Morning After. To make it more interesting, we invited one of our female co-workers to join us on the show.

Listen to the Freebie List edition of the The Men's Room


Michael mentioned a hot chick from a Fiat commercial, so naturally, we had to find out who she is. Enjoy.

Who's on your Celebrity Freebie List?