I'm still fairly new to the whole Craigslist thing but the more I spend on it, the more fascinated I grow with the site. Honestly, all I've ever heard were the horror stories about the site with the scams and such. But, I guess that stuff can happen anywhere. So, I decided go dig deeper into what was on Craigslist in the Abilene area and boy did I find some interesting items.

Actually, I kind of feel like those guys from that TV show 'American Pickers' when I get on Craigslist because you just never know what you're gonna find.

Check out the 5 strangest and coolest things I found on Abilene Craigslist this week.

Very Old Newspaper - $125

Listed 4/16/12

New York Herald newspaper dated April 15th, 1865 with the headline about the assassination of President Linclon.

32 Keychains - $10

Listed 4/14/12

Not the most unique things I found on Abilene Craigslist, but, by far the coolest. Why? Because one of those key chains is a very old KEYJ key chain (upper left). That's awesome.

Tattoo Machines - $30

Listed 4/15/12

Who needs a tattoo shop when you have your own tattoo machine? I kid, I kid. I would never suggest getting ink outside of a sterile and professional setting. This is a set of 10 tattoo machines that run $30 each. I've been around tattoo shops enough to know you could probably find the right person to sell these to and make a nice little profit. Regardless, this is something I didn't expect to see on Craigslist.

Paint Stud Colt - $250

Listed 4/16/12

Now I'm not sure what the law says about having a horse in the city limits, but I am sure it would be much cooler than one of those little yelping ankle biters that pee anytime they get excited.

Victrola Reproduction "His Master's Voice" Phonograph - $200

Listed 4/16/12

I don't know a ton about original or reproduced phonographs but I do know they look really freakin' cool. That, and there's no better sound than listening to your favorite band on vinyl.

There you have it my friends, the 5 strangest and coolest things I found on Abilene Craigslists today. I'll try and keep you all posted on other unique finds from the world of Craigslist.

Have you found any great deals on Craigslist? Do you sell much on Craigslist? What's the craziest thing you've seen on Craigslist?