Ummm, That’s Not a Cat Toy
You can find lots of great and interesting deals on Craigslist and every now and then you find a gem that makes you look fondly upon humanity as a whole, as is the case with this post advertising an "Unused cat toy" that isn't exactly a cat toy.
Abilene Resident Looking for Piece of a Wedding Cake on Craigslist
Instead of actually doing my job, I was jackin' around on Craigslist today and came across a few odd items. The first was someone from Clyde selling an interactive R2D2 robot, just like the one Chaz has. That person even mentioned that it's just like the one from my morning show.
Then I cam…
Pee-wee Herman and Craigslist Help Man Get Stolen Bike Back
As Pee-wee Herman can attest, having your bike stolen is very unpleasant indeed. The same was true of Matt O’Rourke, a man who had his prized ride stolen. Luckily, thanks to the intervention of some concerned citizens (including Pee-wee himself), the story has a happy ending.