Texas’ first bourbon distiller, Dan Garrison was in Abilene this week, drumming up business for his ‘Fine Texas Bourbon Whiskey‘. Being that his distillery in Hye Texas is the first and only, bourbon distillery to be built in the United States since prohibition, I invited him to come on the radio station and share with us how a ‘Fine Bourbon Whiskey’ is made. By the way did I mention that he also brought us a sample of his liquid gold.


I’ll admit, I believe that was the smoothest bourbon I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. My show partner Pete Beretta like it so much that he polished off what was left of the (already opened) sample bottle.


Dan Garrison’s journey started four years ago, when he was fired from his job and his wife told him to go get another or learn how to make his own bourbon, if he wanted to keep drinking the stuff. The later is what he did, that was four years ago. Today, his brother and dad help him, on his Garrison family ranch as they bottle about 3,500 barrels a year. If you’re wanting some of this golden liquid from the Gods, you’d better go to Hye Texas, go to the Garrison family ranch and talk to Dan, because I tried to find it here in West Texas and it’s nowhere to be found. Buyer beware it will set you back about 80 bones, and I promise you it’s better that anything out there in my opinion (sorry Weller and Makers Mark).


This is truly a ‘Made in Texas’ product, the water is harvested rain water, the corn is Texas Panhandle White Corn and it all comes together in Hye Texas. If your in the neighborhood, stop by and take the tour, see how it’s made, then enjoy the sampling of what I call “True Texas Gold”.


Listen as Dan Garrison shares how ’Garrison Brothers Bourbon’ is made.