Time to fill your computer screen up with another sexy lady. Meet this week's Hot Twitter Girl of the Week - Amanda Rae Michaels.

Amanda is a model from Florida that describes herself as a goofball, sweetheart and hot wing connoisseur.  Gives a whole new meaning to dipping your hot wing, right?  Yeah, I know - lame joke.  Whatever...you guys came her for the pictures, not my feeble attempt at being witty.  Anyway, Amanda has been featured in several magazines including Stuff, Kandy, Hot Chick Magazine, and Maxim - and now she's our Hot Twitter Girl of the Week.  She should get some sort of prize shouldn't she?

Check out Amanda on her Twitter page.  Also, you'll most definitely want to subscribe to her YouTube account as well.  Ssssssmokin' hot!  You'll just want to turn the music down.

Hot Pictures of Amanda

smokin' hot video of amanda