Superhero and Princess

With each passing day I am reminded that Halloween is around the corner, as more and more stores put out their Halloween costumes and decorations. I’ve also noticed some really cute costumes that are in my opinion awesome, I wondered why we didn’t have these when I was a kid. Heck in my day, we’d grab some of moms eye shadow, shade our faces to look like beards make an eye-patch a dress up like a pirate or a hobo (the later was more often than not). I think for this year, you could never go wrong with a ‘super-hero’ for the boys, or a ‘little princess’ for the girls. Check out what I found.



Raggedy Ann

Girl Costumes


As soon as I click on this picture of the Raggedy Ann costume, I broke out in a big ole smile. This costume just makes me chuckle and smile uncontrollably, there is nothing cuter that a little girl dressed like a Raggedy Ann doll. This one is my all-time favorites, I only hope to see a lot more of them this Halloween.



Peas and Carrots

Boy or Girl Costumes


I found these to be very cute costumes, especially if you’ve got a couple of children. What infants wouldn’t want to be Peas and Carrots? Besides, don’t you remember your mom telling you that peas and carrots are good for you? I’m going to say it one more time? These kids are too cute!



Baseball or Football Players

Boy Costumes


Sports costumes have been around for as long as I can remember. I will admit, kids that come to my house dressed like a Dallas Cowboy, a Texas Ranger, a New York Yankee or a Philadelphia Eagles player, I tend to give them more candy. Plus costumes like these work all year-round, when a game of street ball breaks out, put the costume on and before you know it, your either the pitcher or the quarterback.



Pretty Little Lady Bug

Girl Costumes


Who says bugs are scary? This pretty little lady bug will have everyone giving her all the treats she wants. For girls, the lady bug and butterfly costumes are a perfect match. Girls are as fragile as the butterfly and as gentle as a lady bug. I’m thinking, we just might see an infestation of girl insects this Halloween.




Boy or Girl Costumes


Astronauts have always been a favorite of mine, but when I was a kid these types of costumes weren’t available. If I could’ve gotten my huge head inside a fish-bowl, some aluminum foil and a pair of moms white gloves, I would have been Niel Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin or John Glenn.



Lil Red Riding Hood

Girl Costumes


This classic costume is a take on the old fairytale. If your little darling is ever in distress, she can always count on dad, grandpa or big brother to chase off the big bad wolf. As a dad to five girls, I’m always at the ready to come to their rescue, no big bad wolf is going to hurt my little girl. Too cute!



Policeman and Fireman

Boy Costumes


You can never go wrong when the boys are dressed as public servants. I’ve noticed that when a child is dressed like a firefighter or a peace officer, the grown-ups talk tho them in a different tone of voice. Adults will ask, “is everything all right officer?” or “thank you for putting out that fire sir.” I believe these are great costumes no matter if you’re going door to door or at a Church festival.



Sugar Plum Fairy

Girl Costumes


This pretty little Sugar Plum Fairy is ready to be dancing her way into the Nutcracker ballet, or prancing around the neighborhood doing some Halloween Trick-or-Treating! Sugar Plum Fairies will flutter their wings and fly their way into your heart. Pretty and sweet!



Super Heroes

Boy Costumes


You can’t beat a Superhero. Who is your favorite? Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, Superman or Captain America? In fact there are so many superheroes today, that I can’t keep up with them. As a kid I made up my own, I once was ‘Foil Man’ and nothing could penetrate my suit of foil, I fought crime all over my neighborhood. I even fought off the older kids that tried to take my candy. Foil Man was short lived though, when my mother found out I had taken her new roll of aluminum foil, her peach tree switch penetrated the suit of foil pretty good.



Doctor or Nurse

Girl Costumes


Little girls are always trying to fix things, if it’s a scraped knuckle, or or a little bruise, out comes the nurse in them. I think these costumes are simply, awesome because this is a real superhero that can help them build more self confidence, besides next time I get a little boo boo, my little angel can dress the part.